about us

We were made for you. For yours. For everyone.

We aren’t here to judge or to preach, because we believe your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. We are here, however, to create linens that love everyone, and to make your shopping experience smoother than ever before. 

See you later, stained and tattered bedding; our platform helps you revamp and revive your bedding sets every six months with classic colors and designer collections.

Bye-bye, mismatched sets; our linens are available only in 7-piece ‘Livable Bundles’ that are perfect for one or two sleepers.

Toodles, confusing quality standards; our linen is standardized at the most luxurious 300 thread count long-stemmed organic cotton across ALL our collections.

There’s the door, wasteful production; our model allows us to reuse, repurpose and recycle our linens through circular economies and secondary markets.

We hope Lola & Veranda becomes the home essentials brand you can rest easy with. 

Happy Shopping!

Aditya Ahuja


The Art of Sleep

When it comes to great bedding, quality comes first. We manufacture linens that we would sleep in – no cut corners, no compromise. Our 300 thread count 100% organic cotton linens are soft, light and airy, making them perfect for hot and cold sleepers. 

But what about the aesthetics? Our philosophy is simple; Look good, feel good. Our design-forward approach to linens allows us to focus on artist collaborations to provide designs that are vibrant and playful. By teaming up with leading designers around the world, we’re able to create exclusive collections you won’t find anywhere else. From the essential to the eccentric. From the simple to the statement pieces, you’re sure to find something to suit your mood. And when you need a change, simply return your sheets in six months switch up your style.

But that’s not all. We also let you accessorize your home with our monthly brand collaborations. These artisanal brands have been carefully curated to pair perfectly with our linen sets and are available exclusively to you when you subscribe to Lola & Veranda. So now, you can build your bed, and your bedroom too!


Weaving Stories of Sustainability

Our soul is in the right place, we believe all businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment and manufacture sustainably. As such, all of our linens are made in India with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and contain no toxic bleaches, dyes or harmful chemical inputs whatsoever. 

We are committed to nature and environmental stewardship. Our 7-step System allows us to reuse, repurpose and recycle our linens through circular economies. Moreover, we believe artists and producers should collaborate to reduce the impact on our planet where possible – it takes a village, afterall! To encourage this, we provide artists (working with waste fabrics) our excess production materials to use in their installations, thereby contributing to a steadily growing art community and promoting environmental sustainability. 

What We Do With Your Linens

We ensure that once you’ve enjoyed your linens to the end of their utility, they aren’t simply discarded. Instead, we’ve created a 7-step system that keeps the linens out of the landfills for as long as possible, so you feel good about your bedding!

Wrapped In Nature

Our path to sustainability doesn’t end there. In fact, the packaging you see when you receive your Lola & Veranda Livable Bundle is NOT made of plastic. 

It’s actually completely natural, and made from tapioca and plant-based extracts, which means it’s a zero-waste, biodegradable and reusable alternative to non-recyclable plastic. So natural, that once you’re done using it, you can simply pop it into your home compost or discard it along with your food waste where it will be sent to an industrial compost facility to decompose into nutrient-rich soil.


After loving your Lola linens for six months, you can return them and choose a brand new bundle to drape your bed with.


All returned linens that are in mint or near mint condition are hygienically washed, restored and repackaged. 


These refreshed linens are then available at a discounted rate on our website. We promise they’ll feel as good as new.


Damaged pieces are repurposed and converted into L&V accessories that you can purchase to match your linens. 


Usable linens that cannot be completely restored are mended to the best of our ability and then donated to people and puppies in shelters across the country.


Material that is completely unusable gets converted back into pulp and rewoven into fiber for future creations. 


Excess materials from our production process are donated to artists to create unique installations and encourage environmentally conscious behavior.