At Lola & Veranda, we put our heart and soul into everything we create. From the quality of our linens, to the ease of our membership model–every step of the journey has been thoughtfully designed for you. Because when you sleep well, we do too.

Livable Bundles for you and yours.

We know what an eyesore mismatched sheets and pillow cases can be (trust us, we’ve been there). That’s why our 7-piece bedding sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 duvet cover and 4 pillow cases, ensuring your bed never looks like your sock drawer ever again.


Not only do we offer ultra comfy bedding sets that’ll have you snoozing past your alarm all morning, but we deliver them to you twice a year. With our refresh & return policy, you can simply send your bundle back after six months (if you choose to!) and pick out a brand new design – at no extra charge, of course. And not to worry, you don’t send back your current set until you’ve received your new ones.

Sateen, simplified.

Cotton fibers can be woven using various weaves to create different looks and textures. At Lola & Veranda, we choose the sateen weave for its softness, breathability, classic sheen and the way it seamlessly drapes over every mattress. In case you were curious, this weave is made by placing one yarn under and three over, creating a non-abrasive fabric that is perfectly suited for sensitive skin. It’s like sleeping on a bed of clouds, and then using another cloud as a blanket!

Our mighty 300

Did you know that those infamous 1000+ thread count sheets can actually result in denser, rougher and heavier bedding? Well, at Lola & Veranda, we know that 300 thread count sheets make for the sweet spot. This number has been proven to result in lighter, softer and more breathable sheets that are built to last. Add to that our GOTS certified long stem single ply organic cotton and you have yourself a bedding bundle that’ll keep you tucked in while you tune out.